XP Backup Restore Utility for Advanced BKF Recovery

There are lots of ways for backing up the data like you can backup in CD's, tape drives, floppy disks, hard drive and Zip drive. If you are Windows XP user then, you are definitely aware about Windows NTbackup in-built utility, using which you can secure your original and crucial data from data loss situations by performing NTbackup process and if you are using Symantec then, you are also familiar with Veritas backup utility which is also for creating backup all kinds of data files.

If you have backup of all data then, it doesn't mean that, you are completely secure from different causes because, when corruption encounters then, it can also damages BKF Database that results, you cannot reuse backup files after deletion of original data files.

How to Recover Corrupt BKF File?

Here follow some simple steps and recover both NTbackup and Veritas backup files conveniently.